Brent Simmons on first-time Indie-ness

January 13, 2014

Brent Simmons, a singular treasure in the iOS community, reminiscing about being a first-time indie developer:

I learned from that first go in the mid ’90s that I was a shipper, and nothing I’ve learned since has been more important. It’s the one necessary trait of an indie developer. For me it was like a fish being introduced to water — so this is what it’s like to breathe.

My apps were no good at all and I had no idea how to make money. None of that mattered.


Note to Andy [Finnell], and everyone else in a similar spot: take heart. You’re a shipper. Keep learning and trying and everything else will follow.

I have faith that Brent is right. Steve is famously credited to have said “Real artists ship”. Brent certainly meets that criteria.

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