Localization Diary #1 – The Decision

June 24, 2016

NextPage has been in the App Store since 2010, and was not a localized app from the start. It was my second app, and quite frankly, while I’m not xenophobic, I never gave other languages even a thought because I was solving my own (musical) problems in pure Tony Stark fashion.

Nearly six years later, however, I’ve answered enough support emails with Google Translate to realize that it was high time to add international support. I’d thought about it before, but got spooked over the amount of work required vs. the expected return on investment. I’d localized my first app (circa 2009) for Spanish, and I still remember the pain, but not a lot a revenue in return. Nevertheless, my gut’s been telling me it’s the right thing to do based on the support emails, and, that I should start with Spanish.

Fact Checking my Gut

A quick check of NextPage’s lifetime sales stats in iTunes Connect showed that 21% of sales have come from outside the US, broken down as follows:


  1. Was it time to localize? Yes
  2. Should I start with Spanish? No.

So my gut was half right. Since the UK is already covered, it would appear the Germany is my next most successful market. German. The one language all the Ray Wenderlich tutorials warn you about. <sigh> Well, I converted to AutoLayout in Version 3, so fingers crossed, all will be well.


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